Santa's  Magic Key Personalised with your child's name/s


Includes Bamboo Plaque and Gold Mirror Acrylic Key.  


Plaque Size:  110mm H x 82mm W x 3mm Thick 

Acrylic Key Size:  100mm H x 42mm W x 3mm Thick


Text : UV Printed on Bamboo



What is a Santa Magic Key you ask?


A Santa Key is a “magic” key which lets Santa enter your home on Christmas Eve if you don't have a traditional chimney for him to come through.


Just hang it on the front door Christmas Eve, and the big man in the red suit will quietly sneak inside, deposit his gifts and leave the key somewhere easy for you to find, so you can hang it up again next year. (Also: The key is magic and only works for Santa, so no need to worry about security risks.)



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Santa's Magic Key - Christmas Decoration

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